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Some of your changes have been valuable, and I'm not averse toward editing toward a more complete and fair article. However, you continually throw in right-wing POV statements. That's not okay.

You may want to consider making your changes one at a time, like one per day or something. If you make 2 good changes and 7 bad ones, I'm likely to just revert the whole thing (because I'm only on WP a couple times a day) whereas if you make each edit separately then I will revert only the objectionable, POV ones and keep the good ones.

I think the article has been made better by our interchange, more representative of both sides; however, much of what you are adding is POV and frankly borders on trolling. For example, removing the entire "Class and relation to the labor market" section. Relationship to the labor market, in a capitalist society, is a major part of what defines class. EventHorizon talk 04:04, 11 Feb 2005 (UTC)