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Other uses

  • Bullcrap, a phrase denoting something worthless
  • "B.C.", nickname of Burr Chamberlain (1877–1933), American football player and coach
  • Baguio, a city in the Philippines, locally abbreviated as "B.C."
  • BC Powder, a brand of pain reliever
  • BookCrossing, a website that encourages leaving books in public places to be found by others
  • Botswana, WMO country code (and obsolete NATO and FIPS country codes)

See also

  • BC Cygni, a red supergiant star that is one of the largest stars
  • Belaruskaja Čyhunka (BCh), the national railway company of Belarus
  • Blind carbon copy (Bcc:), the practice of sending an e-mail to multiple recipients without disclosing the complete list of recipients