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Funny thing is Phidgets Inc. didn't start this page one of our users did.

Isn't this page as it currently stands basically an advertisement? --Jaykul 01:12, 20 August 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

That depends. Is a phidget a trademarked device made by Phidgets, Inc, or is it a public-domain idea developed and published by Chester and Saul?

Moved to Phidget, more common spelling "Phidgets - The Video

Physical widgets or phidgets are to physical user interfaces what widgets are to graphical user interfaces. Similar to widgets, phidgets abstract and package input and output devices: they hide implementation and construction details, they expose functionality through a well-defined API, and they have an (optional) on-screen interactive interface for displaying and controlling device state. Unlike widgets, phidgets also require: a connection manager to track how devices appear on-line; a way to link a software phidget with its physical counterpart; and a simulation mode to allow the programmer to develop, debug and test a physical interface even when no physical device is present. Our evaluation shows that everyday programmers using phidgets can rapidly develop physical interfaces.

This published video provides an overview of phidgets with examples. It includes:

  • Introduction to Phidgets
  • Phidget Eyes, Debbie Mazurek
  • Power Dimmer/Lamp: Brant LeClercq
  • Flower in Bloom: Susannah McPhail
  • Missed Calls Phidget: Raul Nemes
  • Waterfall Harp: Olive Au
  • Light Wheel: Michael Durrant

Greenberg, S. and Fitchett, C. (2001) Phidgets. Video Proceedings of the ACM UIST 2001 14th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. November 11-14, Orlando, Florida.

This video figure accompanies the published paper: Greenberg, S. and Fitchett, C. (2001) Phidgets: Easy Development of Physical Interfaces through Physical Widgets. Proceedings of the UIST 2001 14th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology, November 11-14, Orlando, Florida, p209-218, ACM Press.