List of storms named Allison

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The name Allison was used for three tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean, and the alternative spelling Alison has been used for two tropical cyclones in the Australian region of the Indian Ocean, one in the South-West Indian Ocean, and one in the South Pacific Ocean.

In the Atlantic:

  • Tropical Storm Allison (1989), partially developed from the remnants of Hurricane Cosme from the Pacific basin, it brought heavy rain to the southern United States, killing 11 and causing $500 million (1989 USD) in damage
  • Hurricane Allison (1995), a Category 1 hurricane that made landfall on the Florida Panhandle as a tropical storm; killed 3 and caused minor damages
  • Tropical Storm Allison (2001), struck Houston, Texas, killing 41 and causing $9 billion in damages, mostly due to heavy rains and flooding

The name Allison was retired after the 2001 hurricane season, and was replaced by Andrea.

In the Australian region:

In the South-West Indian Ocean:

In the South Pacific: