Vila Real Football Association

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The Vila Real Football Association (Associação de Futebol de Vila Real, abrv. AF Vila Real) is the district governing body for all football competitions in the Portuguese district of Vila Real. It is also the regulator of the clubs registered in the district.

Notable clubs in the Vila Real FA[edit]

Current Divisions - 2011–12 Season[edit]

The AF Vila Real runs the following divisions covering the fifth and sixth tiers of the Portuguese football league system.

Honra – série A[edit]

  • Centro Desportivo e Cultural de Montalegre
  • Grupo Desportivo de Boticas
  • Grupo Desportivo de Cerva
  • Grupo Desportivo de Ribeira de Pena
  • Grupo Desportivo de Valpaços
  • Grupo Desportivo de Vilar de Perdizes
  • Grupo Desportivo e Cultural de Salto
  • Mondinense Futebol Clube
  • Vidago Futebol Clube
  • Vilarinho Futebol Clube

Honra – série B[edit]


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